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Creating these windows was a real challenge! They are only 6" wide and almost 5` high, and the client wanted lots of animals, the ark, Noah, a dove, the rainbow, and lots of light. The animals needed to be "two by two", and finally I thought of using just their heads, with each pair facing a different direction. I started at the bottom with large animals and worked my way up to the ark. Instead of using colored glass for the animals, which would have made the panels rather dark, I used only clear glasses with lots of different textures. The only color is the sky (a pale blue), the dove (an opalescent white) and the rainbow (red, yellow, blue.) I painted the eyes and Noah on the deck of the ark and fired the pieces in my kiln to make the paint permanent. They will be installed in a home as sidelights, one on each side of an entry door.

Size approximately 6"x58"
Price $450 each

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