The Pagoda Award 1993

Pagoda Award
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In 1993, I was commissioned by the Berks Arts Council to create the first Pagoda Award, to be given to a local individual who has greatly benefited the arts. The first year, the award was given to Gertrude Sternberg for her tireless work in the field of music. In keeping with the long history of traditional glass in this area, I kept the design traditional, with beveled glass borders. The colors are from the pagoda itself. Using vitreous paint, I painted the pagoda on the central oval. and fired it in my kiln to make it permanent. In the plaque area I penned the award information.

Our pagoda probably needs some explanation. Years ago, a local businessman built a pagoda, based on a Japanese building he admired, on a mountain overlooking the city of Reading. Eventually, it became the property of the city. The top floor of the pagoda is a spectacular observation room.

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