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All findings and wire are sterling silver, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Copper & green necklace.. I was so excited when I found the square copper colored pearls, and even more excited when I made just the right beads for this necklace. Hollow green eye bead. I paired this bead with rutilated quartz beads, and strung tiny metallic green seed beads in some places to add a flash of color.
Silver lining necklace. I combined my red silver lining bead with deep red coral beads. Hollow eye bead. When the dots are covered with a clear raised dot, the glass turns wonderful shades of turquoise and pink, depending on the amount of heat. I combined the bead with apitite and very pale pink glass beads.
Hollow frit beads. I combined 3 of these with an oxidized steel chain. The metallic sheen on the beads doesn't show too well in photos. Amber rock wall. The pattern reminds me of stacked rocks. The other beads in the necklace are vintage glass.
Green shard bead. I bought the pale green oblong beads in Tuscon long ago, and finally made the right bead for them. Frit bead necklace. This has become one of my favorite necklaces! It matches almost everything and is fun to wear.
Amber/green bubble bead fringe bracelet. Every time I make these bracelets, the fringes are different and the colors of the beads vary. I love to search through my stash of stones, pearls, crystals and metal beads to find just the right components to compliment my beads.
Amethyst/blue bubble bead fringe bracelet.. Once again, every bracelet is different.
Harlequin bead fringe bracelet.. This one is amethyst/purple/blue. I seldom make harlequin beads any more- those tiny dots got harder and harder to see!
Black & white fringe bracelet.. Such a simple color combination. With the right components, it can look so sophisticated.
Smooth sailing fringe bracelet.. This bracelet was on the cover of Step by Step Beads magazine. I wrote two articles for the magazine, one on how to lampwork the beads and one on how to put the bracelet together. Tiger bead set. These are fun to make and fun to wear. I love felines of all kinds!
Faux turquoise necklace. I hated this bead when I first took it out of the kiln, but discovered that after etching, it looks like turquoise! A happy accident. I paired it with real turquoise. Viking knit necklace with a big hole bead.

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