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Gallery of Beads

Hollow eye bead in amber. Eye beads have great significance to many cultures. The eyes, or dots, protected the wearer from the evil eye or bad karma. This bead was the focus of an exhibition at the Washington DC Bead Museum. Hollow frit beads. These hollow beads have reduction frit (crushed glass with a high metal content) on the surface. I love to play around with reduction frit!
Lichen bead. The inspiration for this bead was lichen on rocks in a stream. The design depends on reactions between the glass, silver and copper leaf, and reduction frit. I have made this design in many colors.
Blue moss. This is another lichen design, in blue this time.
Pixie flower bead. I don't make many flower beads, but this one I love to make. The vine is a cane with many colors in it, and the flower petals are layered colors which I then twist. As a last step after the bead is shaped, I roll it in pixie dust, a powdered mica, which gives it that sheen.
Vineyard bead. This bead was born by playing with all the odds and ends left on my bench after a day of torching. It reminded me of grapes and vines, so I went with that theme.
Red silver lining bead.This bead was the result of playing with silver foil all day. I like to combine this bead with deep red coral beads for a stunning necklace. Stone beads. I had so much glass left over from my stained glass days that I used some of it to make beads. I carved the shapes with a paring knife.
Lodestone bead..This was my signature bead for a long time. The inspiration was the walls of caves, with veins of mysterious things. Purple/green dots. When I first combined these 2 colors, I was amazed! They react with each other and create rings and rings of colors.

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